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The master index of Vincent Giordano’s extensive training and research journeys through Southeast Asia and India, of which the Born Warriors project is a part. The website is forthcoming.

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LW Mark's Lethwei Schedule site is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the sport of Lethwei. It continually lists upcoming Lethwei tournaments (not only in Myanmar but in countries like Japan), and then follows up with the fight results. His work extends into fighter records and clearing up the often-confusing number of tournament and rule sets that make up the contemporary Lethwei fight circuit. Nowhere else can you find such extensive material written in English that is easy to locate in one concise location. The site can also be used by those visiting Myanmar who might want to go to an event but don't know where or when the shows are being held.

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Martial Courdette’s beautifully crafted 240-page, black and white photo book is totally devoted to the art of Lethwei. His deep, eight-year immersion into the sport is clearly displayed on each page as he covers not only the fight tournaments but also the trainers, training camps, and fighters.

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Those wishing for a deeper and richer exploration of Myanmar should visit the webpage of Saya Thant Myint-U. His writing on the subject through his books and articles is rich with unique cultural perspective and critical historical understanding.

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The Fight Site offers complete combat sports coverage including a burgeoning page dedicated to Lethwei.

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