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Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists won a prestigious Award of Merit: Documentary Feature from the recent IndieFEST Film Awards in Los Angeles.

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Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists was recently honored with the Best Documentary award at the October HIMPFF awards. This is the first win for Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists.

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Senior Lethwei Master Saya U Bo Sein passed away on September 9th shortly after being admitted to a hospital in Yangon. He was an enormous part of the Born Warriors Project from its earliest days right up until this past year when we conducted one of his last interviews. He was a vibrant, energetic man of infinite skill and understanding. Saya Sein will be sorely missed. His memory remains with all of us who shared time with him.

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Born Warriors Redux was awarded the Best Documentary(Sports) Runner-Up Award at the 11th Annual Action on Film Festival in Los Angeles. The documentary will continue to play festivals until the new Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists is ready to take its place on the festival circuit.

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The first trailer from Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists on Child Fighters takes on the controversial topic of children who fight in Myanmar during the numerous holiday celebrations. Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists focuses on the role of cultural tradition in local communities and how the indigenous Burmese sport of Lethwei is woven into the fabric of rural life and practiced in modern arenas throughout Myanmar.
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