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Saya U Duang Ni - known as “The Red Peacock” - is one of Lethwei’s most charismatic and colorful senior officials in the sport today.

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Saya Win Zin Oo is the founder and senior coach of Thut Ti Lethwei Club in Yangon. He is prominently featured in the Born Warriors documentary trilogy, as well as many other television specials and documentaries focused on the art of Lethwei. Saya Win’s deep understanding of Lethwei, alongside his ability to work across cultural borders, has made him a highly respected global ambassador for the sport.

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U Sai Zaw Zaw has been Lethwei’s top promoter since he entered the sporting arena close to three decades ago. He has organized and promoted well over 100 international and national fights, beginning with the historic 1993 challenge match between Shwe War Tun and Aung Aung Tun in Aung San Stadium. His innovation and success continued with the creation of the first Golden Belt Tournament in 1996. His vast international reach includes over 15 Myanmar vs. Thailand fight cards, two Myanmar vs. Japan fight cards, and one Myanmar vs. Philippines fight card. His other tournaments have included fighters from as far away as Russia, France, Iran, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, England, New Zealand, and the United States.

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U Soe Than Win is one of the pioneering forces in the promotion of Lethwei, and his unbridled love of the sport has been unwavering for the last three decades. He was born in Myaungmya, a town in the Irrawaddy region, in 1975. His Lethwei training began in Yangon under Saya U Win Zin Oo and Lethwei Champion Maung Maung Gyi at the famed KLN Lethwei Club in 1995.

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Zoran Rebac was born in Zagreb, Croatia on March 24, 1954. He began his training in Tae Kwon Do as a teenager, eventually achieving the rank of 2nd Dan. Zoran was a member of the national team and won the National Championship twice before turning his attention to the art of Muay Thai.

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