The original Born Warriors trilogy of documentaries charted the art of Lethwei from the late 1990s up until early 2016. The prophecy of Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists unfortunately has become a reality as Lethwei became just another commodity to export by wealthy businessman. The forward movement and expansion of any sport beyond its own shores and its popularity both within its country of origin and beyond is positive but what is really happening to the sport internally?

In this last chapter, we will take a serious look at Lethwei and what has happened since the opening of the country and our last visits there. This lengthy exploration of Lethwei is actually part of a trilogy of documentaries filmed within Myanmar. Thaing and Naban were shot concurrently along with time spent on the secretive healing and spiritual traditions. This huge undertaking has been personally financed. We originally thought one of the British networks were going to fund the original full length documentary on Lethwei but when the funding failed to materialize, there was nothing to do but release what was essentially the support material and craft it into what we have now.

The forthcoming documentaries and written works are under the wider Vanishing Flame umbrella, that extends the research and training cross culturally throughout Southeast Asia and India.

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