What you see now is the totally new and final Born Warriors.
A long journey of close to two decades has finally come to an end.


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Born Warriors

Burma’s bare-knuckle fighters are the keepers of a brutal, exciting tradition. This fascinating account of the sport offers a rare glimpse into a strange, forgotten world.”

Ralph Sarchie,

Deliver Us From Evil

Born Warriors Redux

“BORN WARRIORS REDUX is inspirational. Its informed commentary and insider footage of grueling training and brutal fights provides a fascinating documentary glimpse into Lethwei, a lost martial art that deserves worldwide recognition.”

Ross Enamait,

Untapped Strength

Born Warriors /
Born Warriors Redux

“Born Warriors and Born Warriors Redux offer a rare, first- hand look at Lethwei, a Burmese bare-knuckle martial art that was hidden from the world for decades by a brutal military regime. Featuring unprecedented access to the people who shaped and survived the sport during its darkest hour, this intimate series of documentaries and supplemental pieces provides an unparalleled look at this fascinating sport. This singular documentary is unlikely to be equaled in its depth and understanding of its subject matter.”

Clint Heyliger,


Born Warriors Redux

“A fascinating portrait of a bareknuckle fighting tradition looking for a place in the modern world.”

Marcus Trower,

The Last Wrestlers